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Jan 6, 2017

Luke Sold Out, People Still Hungry for Gospel

Written by Kenny G

image: Giving Scripture Portions at Local ChurchHanding out copies of the Prodigal Son story from Luke 15,
printed in several languages, at a local church.  
(photo: Rebekah Overton)

Several months ago, when I needed some materials to do maintenance around the house, I met two men who work at a hardware store. They help customers put stuff in their car or on their bike, or they cut up something the customer has bought (only after they have agreed on the price to do this cutting of course). One speaks Kabwa, and the other speaks Jita. Both have a desire to hear and read the Bible in their own language.

For Kabwa, there are still enough copies of translated Bible books. But for the Jita language, we have run out of copies of the Gospel of Luke a while ago. The Jita speaker liked the other books that are available in his language, but what he really wanted was a copy of the Gospel of Luke…

Later, a few weeks ago, somewhere in our office I came across a ‘wandering’ copy of the Gospel of Luke. It may have been the last one. We immediately went back to the hardware store. With a big smile he bought this last copy!

Story by Michiel Louter (Translation Advisor)

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