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Jan 6, 2010

Tea for Two Chapters

Written by Alison C.

lake_victoria_ferry A ferry ride takes Pastor Waynse to the Simbiti villages.
(Mara Cluster project - Tanzania)

Pastor Waynse is a Simbiti Bible translator. He shared this testimony about the distribution of the Christmas story (Luke 1-2):

"To reach the Simbiti villages I must board a small boat that ferries passengers across the lake. About 45 minutes into the trip, I began my work for the Lord. I called everyone's attention in the boat and began to explain to them that God could speak their language. I told them about my work in the ministry of Bible translation for my own people group, the Simbiti.

I pulled out a copy of the new Luke translation and began to read it. People crowded around to listen, and one woman purchased a copy on the spot. She was so happy and told me to press on in the work!

And Jesus answered him, "It is written, ‘Man does not live by bread alone.'" (Luke 4:4)

Once I arrived to the village, a large group of people gathered to hear the reading of the Word. They were delighted and as soon as we broke for morning breakfast/tea [the typical Tanzanian breakfast is eaten in late morning], they immediately wanted to get their own copy. The Scripture portions are selling for 400 shillings (US$ .30). The cost of morning tea was also 400 shillings. All of them chose to buy the Scriptures and go hungry that morning rather than buy food. That's how strong their hunger for God's Word is!"

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