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Jun 20, 2016

Teacher training leaps another barrier!

Written by Kenny G

image: Alt Text goes here.Local teachers attend a workshop to learn effective
methods and principles for teaching adult students.

Not long ago, a team of four from the Mara Cluster Project traveled south to Dodoma. We went to help our colleagues in the Dodoma project office facilitate a workshop called "Learning That Lasts".

The purpose of this workshop is to teach adults how to teach other adults. The methods and principles this program uses have proven to be very effective. Over the course of five very intense and interactive days, our participants learned those principles, and how to plan a lesson. Finally, they put into practice everything they had learned -- by teaching some of their own lessons!

Organizations and teams around the world have taught countless teachers with the "Learning That Lasts" program. This training has happened in many languages but, as far as we know, this was the first time it had ever been done in Swahili. We were very thankful for this, as it helped us to clearly communicate the material to our participants.

Praise God that these students will now be able to use the principles they've just learned to teach others about how to read God's Word in their own language--or about all that Jesus has done for them, or... for anything worth teaching about!


story by Ronit Odom & Tim Gilmore


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