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May 9, 2012


Written by The Administrator

jitapmrTransition Primer page.
(Mara Cluster - Tanzania)

Many literate people who have never seen the written form of their mother tongue lack confidence that they can read their language. In the Mara Cluster of Tanzania, trial versions of transition primers have been completed for nine Tanzanian languages-Ikizu, Ikoma, Kabwa, Mkwaya, Jita, Ngoreme, Simbiti, Zanaki and Zinza. These small workbooks (20-pages) will transition those who know how to read KiSwahili to comfortably read their mother tongues. These are self-guiding primers; individuals can go through them on their own without an instructor. These books will be distributed with the first portions of scripture in these nine languages-the Christmas Story from Gospel of Luke. Our prayer is that those who complete a primer will be comfortable reading these new Scriptures in their heart language for the first time.


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