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Sep 21, 2016

"We can't afford to come teach you this time..."

Written by Kenny G

image: Samson (Literacy team member) leads a reading group as they learn and practise their skills.Samson (Literacy team member) leads a reading
group as they learn and practise their skills.

"A reading group in every language community we work with."

That's one aim of Mara Cluster Project's Literacy team. For every reading group, normally three workshops are organized: a reading workshop of three days, a writing workshop of five days, and a follow-up workshop of one or two days.

Members of those reading groups are always greatly encouraged when a new workshop is organized. It means that they get another chance to practise their reading and writing, and to ask their many questions.

But the Literacy department's budget is limited. So we had to decide to not organize a follow-up workshop this year for a reading group in the Ikizu language community. Samson (a Literacy team member and the main teacher during these workshops) called one person in the reading group to share the unfortunate news.

But that person proposed an unexpected solution...

"They were willing to pay my travel costs!" said Samson. Members of the reading group sent money so that he could take public transport to the village to come visit and encourage them.

We as a team are also greatly encouraged that the people in this group were willing to contribute towards their own learning.


written by Hanneke Louter, Literacy Specialist

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