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Sep 21, 2016

"We want all the Ikoma to know!"

Written by Kenny G

image: Ikoma people carry Genesis into their celebration.A long procession of Ikoma people dance to
carry the book of Genesis into their celebration.

One Friday afternoon, a group of people from the Mara Cluster Project office traveled nearly four hours by car to get to a village in the Ikoma language community. It was well worth the challenging, muddy roads: after almost a full year of work by two Ikoma translators, Mussa and Muya, the Ikoma people now have the book of Genesis written in their language!

This Scripture celebration was different from others...

Instead of holding the event in a church, organizers chose an open field in the centre of the village for the celebration. The books were presented under a big tarpaulin, and everyone who was passing by could follow the celebration since microphones were used.

The community elders wanted to do this in public, so that everyone would know that Genesis is now available in the Ikoma language. "It is not only for Christians," they explained, "but for all the Ikoma people."

The celebration was led by a group of people who promote Scripture in the Ikoma language. They also lead a group of people who teach others to read and write Ikoma in local reading classes. We were impressed by the vision of these people!

On that day we sold many copies of Genesis and also other publications in the Ikoma language, including the Gospel of Luke, calendars and storybooks.


written by André Kamphuis (Translation Consultant) and

translated from Dutch by Hanneke Louter (Literacy Specialist)

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