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Mbeya-Iringa Cluster

Mbeya mapImagine about 3 million people without adequate access to the most important message for all mankind. That is the situation in southern Tanzania but now all that is changing!

In the middle of 2003, church communities in the region approached Wycliffe missionaries and said, "We need Bibles and we need them to be translated into the heart languages of our people!" A project was born in the fall of 2003 to serve ten language communities simultaneously by training mother-tongue translators and literacy workers.

Since then, only God can be attributed with the accomplishments that have happened to date because they have been no less than miraculous.

Take a look at what is happening in this exciting work:

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Feb 26, 2018

Football spreads Bible reading

Written by Katherine O'D.

In Mshewe village, there is a ladies' football club which meets regularly to play. Each time, they also practice reading together using Scripture portions in their language. Recently, the team traveled to a nearby village to encourage them to do the same...

Feb 23, 2018

What does "poor in spirit" mean?

Written by Elizabeth B.

Translators in the Bena language community met a challenge in Jesus' words, "Blessed are the poor in spirit." They wanted to avoid a focus on physical needs, so they began to work out a translation which looks instead at the heart...

Feb 21, 2018

"We've made history - Bungu is on the map!"

Written by Stephen K.

Mbeya, TZ - After years of research and testing, the Bungu team's orthography (writing system) has been officially granted 'trial' status. So they quickly prepared materials and set out for Mkwajuni town, for the first-ever Bungu literacy workshop...


image: Mbeya team records radio programmes in support of mother tongue Scripture

In Mbeya Cluster Project office, the Vernacular Media team had visitors. A local secular radio station offered to broadcast mother tongue Scripture to three million people, three times weekly. “I gave them sample programmes,” said one team member, “to see if they were serious.” The station manager called back within the hour, to change his offer...


Seven Mbeya languages work together to translate Romans.

In a “cluster project” of multiple languages, teams routinely help each other in many ways. But when fifteen translators on seven teams line up their desks to spend two weeks together in one room, it means something big is underway. They are joining forces to wrestle with Paul’s letter to the Romans. Inside the hall, it’s getting busy and loud...

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