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Mbeya-Iringa Cluster

Mbeya mapImagine about 3 million people without adequate access to the most important message for all mankind. That is the situation in southern Tanzania but now all that is changing!

In the middle of 2003, church communities in the region approached Wycliffe missionaries and said, "We need Bibles and we need them to be translated into the heart languages of our people!" A project was born in the fall of 2003 to serve ten language communities simultaneously by training mother-tongue translators and literacy workers.

Since then, only God can be attributed with the accomplishments that have happened to date because they have been no less than miraculous.

Take a look at what is happening in this exciting work:

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Mar 18, 2020

The best weapon of all is God's Word

Written by Steve Pence

Tanzania's Vwanji people welcome their New Testament! Before he was a Bishop, leading the celebration of this day, Nguvila worked for years as one of the translators. Today, he is surrounded by his former colleagues, fellow church and community leaders, hundreds of Vwanji people, and the Scriptures for which they have gathered to praise God...

Sep 17, 2019

Translated Scripture inspires new songs

Written by SIL Tanzania Communications

"We use our Scriptures for funerals and some church meetings," says a Safwa Literacy worker. "But we want to do more." The team recently held their second three-day songwriting workshop, with Bible studies and composition lessons, even recording sessions. This time, the songs were inspired by the book of Acts...

Jul 19, 2019

Six New Testaments to cross the finish line

Written by SIL Tanzania Communications

A Scripture translation "cluster project" in southwestern Tanzania has its eyes on several major milestones. Sixteen years since work began, a group of six language projects are bringing all their New Testaments to completion. One is ready for its official launch, another is being printed and bound. Following those, four more teams are busy with final checks and typesetting. It's an exciting time of challenges and victories as global teams lend aid and local plans are laid...

Jun 12, 2019

New Testament completed in Nyakyusa language

Written by SIL Tanzania Communications

Rain kept down the crowd’s numbers, but not their joy. Sheltered inside a church-within-a-church, Nyakyusa speakers used this day of singing and dancing, preaching and feasting to celebrate their newly translated Scriptures “even our children can understand!”



Mar 18, 2019

"They heard Jesus speak in their own language"

Written by SIL Tanzania Communications

Eight more teams in Mbeya Cluster Project have completed script translation for the JESUS film. Several teams checked theirs with consultants. Others then tested with reviewers. "We are delighted with the success," said a member of one team, which held an actors' workshop and completed their recordings. When another team's actors watched their finished film together, it was a special moment.

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