Dec 13, 2012

All Ages Benefit

Written by Lukas M.

malilaread More attention given to Scriptures that have
been translated. (Malila language)

He explained that prior to having the Word of God in Malila, his parishioners thought that it was only possible to have it in Swahili. They had no idea that there would come a day when the Word of God would be read in their language, since they had only ever read it in Swahili. But now they are happy about reading some of the Scriptures in their own language, and they are seeing a big difference in how well they understand Malila versus Swahili. Many now have a great interest in reading the Word of God in their language. The pastor said that he has seen a big difference in the response and attention of people when he reads the Bible in Swahili versus when he reads it in Malila. Many people are much happier to hear him read in Malila, since they understand it better.

He also explained that the Word of God in Malila has been a big help to his church. He said that there are older people in his church who don't understand Swahili, so they always needed someone to translate things into Malila so they could understand. So when he reads the Scriptures to them in Malila, they are very happy, and understand well. Many of them now feel free to pray in Malila during the church services. They also now feel much freer to use Malila to discuss the Word of God in Bible study groups.

This pastor explained that the Scriptures in Malila have been a big help even for the children in Sunday school. These Scriptures are better for the Sunday school teachers, since they can read the Word of God directly to the children without having to translate for them. Many children who haven't attended school only speak Malila, so Swahili is completely foreign to them. So having the Scriptures in Malila is a big help for them.

Also, this pastor described how happy he was after seeing how his parishioners are working hard to learn to read the Malila Scriptures. He expects that these Scriptures will bring big changes to their spiritual lives, and help them to know God better. He is continuing to encourage his parishioners to use Malila and the translated Scriptures in their meetings, in the service, in their teaching, and in the various groups, i.e. the choir and the women's and children's groups.

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