Nov 12, 2010

Are you listening?

Written by Juhudi K.

malila_cassette Translated Scriptures are being made available in audio.
(Mbeya Cluster - Tanzania)
One aspect of our work here, in making Scripture accessible to all in the language that they understand best, is to make it available in audio format. In a culture where orality is valued over and above the written text, this is a vital ministry.
Towards the end of last year, the whole gospel of Mark was recorded in the Vwanji language of southern Tanzania, and has since been available for sale in both tape and CD format. The Literacy/Scripture Use Coordinator for the area recently sent in the following report:
"People are using the tapes and CDs in their homes, but also I have passed by some places in the market and heard it playing! Many listen to it just for the sake of listening and enjoy hearing how their language has been used and seeing that it is good Vwanji! A few people will sit and listen and then spend time thinking about the meaning of what they heard. Now I am educating people who buy the tapes as to how they are able to listen to the tapes together with others. People are very happy with the tapes, and when they listen for the first time they are amazed at what was done to make them."

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