Jul 30, 2014

Clapping and Cheering

Written by Andy H.


sangu_luke_cvrdetailThe whole passage of the prodigal son was read by a
Sangu translator to the receptive church congregation.
(Mbeya Cluster - Tanzania
Just recently, in the beginning of July, freshly printed Gospels of Luke in the Sangu language were delivered to our office in Mbeya. I was invited to preach in a church in Luhanga in the Sangu area. My plan was to preach about the prodigal son, a story found in Luke 15. The little church was packed with people. 200 adults and 60 children were counted (as announced by the one who led the service). When my time to preach came I started with some explanations and then read a few verses in Sangu (Luke 15:1-2). The people liked me reading their language and clapped and cheered.  A bit later Abedy, one of our Sangu translators read the whole passage of the "prodigal son".

After the service some people were very interested in buying Sangu Luke. Sadly, I was not well prepared and we only had two copies with us, Abedy's and mine. Both were sold, even though my name had already been written in my copy.

The week later, Abedy took more copies of Sangu Luke into the area so the people will now have the chance to buy their own copy.
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