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Mar 23, 2009

Connecting with the Kinga

Written by Karin P.

kinga_wkshopKinga participants at a workshop.
I recently travelled to Lupila, a village in the Kinga language area, where I was gathering data for grammar analysis. I spoke with one Kinga speaker in particular, a seventy year old retired pastor. I gave him trial versions of the books of Jonah and Ruth that had only recently been published. To my excitement, he read them straight away. 

When Although he's not familiar with the new writing system (orthography), he had no significant problems reading Kinga, and even said that the new orthography is easier than the old one. He studied the books carefully, writing notes and questions. He obviously loves his language very much, and told me so later. At one point he compared a few verses in the Kinga translation with the Swahili Bible. His conclusion was,"The Swahili is more difficult to understand than the Kinga."

Now he can't wait to get more Scripture portions in his heart language.

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