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Jul 28, 2016

Fresh Scripture calls for fresh songs

Written by SIL Tanzania Communications

image: alt text hereSafwa musicians and singers compose songs about the life of
Christ and Jonah in their language and traditional styles.

Workshop: Writing Scripture Songs in Mother Tongue


Katherine O'Donnell conducted a Safwa song-writing workshop, together with Nsolelo, Amani, and Dorothea Lee. Prior to the workshop, they visited a Safwa music band in Mshewe so that Dorothea could study traditional Safwa music.


The first day of the workshop was used to teach participants how to read Safwa writing, and to do a Bible study. This was definitely a good way to start the workshop, as their reading Safwa language more easily made the rest of the workshop easier.


They spent a lot of time practicing, and this worked well. The workshop itself was interesting -- the participants found it very challenging to write songs which remained true to the Biblical texts they were given.


Some commented afterward that they would continue to compose Safwa songs. One participant shared his own story of how he was persecuted at first for using traditional instruments in church. But people have since seen how it draws people to Christ. so they have become more accepting.


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