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Aug 20, 2015

Great Blessing and encouragement among Nyakyusa

Written by Dan K.

nyakyusabklts Village trips arranged by the Nyakyusa team have been
well received by Nyakyusa speakers.

In every village we went to, groups of volunteers were waiting to receive us and prepared to help us with our plans. In some places, large crowds came to hear about the work of the new Bible translation. This was a great blessing and encouragement to the team. The pastors were very keen to participate with us in the work and are hungry for literature and above all for teachers to teach Nyakyusa literacy. We hope to find a way to make this happen in the near future. Through such teachings, we believe that our books could achieve a very high impact in this area. A visit was also made to the paramount chief of the Nyakyusa in Malawi, who was very supportive of our work. In another direction, we have initiated a Facebook page to promote the Nyakyusa Bible to the people themselves. This is so far going well, with regular updates receiving a large number of visits from Nyakyusa people active on Facebook. We would like to see this affect the reach of the Nyakyusa website too.

Visit our Nyakyusa Language website.

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