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Aug 23, 2012

Incentive to Continue

Written by Elizabeth B.

bena_copyrightb The Gospel of Luke now printed in
Bena language (Mbeya Cluster - Tanzania)
Soon afterwards she was sitting with a group of women who were not participants in the reviewer's meeting. They were reading together the introduction to Bena Mark. People are not used to reading or writing Bena at this point, so what is striking about these women is that they are reading with relative ease in a language they are only used to speaking. I asked one woman if she understood what she was reading. The response was a very enthusiastic 'Oh yes!' What was also striking was their attention to the task of reading and their joy. The Bena love their language and they need the tools to preserve it. This is a great incentive for working with the Bena people to publish Mark and other literature.

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