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Aug 16, 2012

Joy Spurs Us On

Written by Lukas M.

lang_testing Local community involvement enables accurate
translation. (Mbeya Cluster - Tanzania)
I can also testify to the zeal that people have to learn to read the Word of God in their language. I have seen in many of the areas where we have gone to do community testing, people have a desire to listen to the Word of God in their language.

Many times I have been very encouraged to continue with this work of translating the Word of God into our language, because of the joy of those who receive it. Older and younger people alike have a desire to see the day when we will have the New Testament in Malila. Many people ask when the Bible will be finished. They think that we should be able to finish it easily. But others have begun to understand that it is not a simple thing to finish translating all the books in a short time. Especially those who participate in community testing and reviewers meetings have seen the difficulty of this work. So they strongly encourage us to continue with this work. Many have said that we are doing good work that will profit all of the Malila. Those who don't know how to read are also benefitting from hearing the Word of God through cassette recordings of books like Jonah, Ruth, and the Gospel of Mark. It is my hope that this work will bring big changes in the Malila community.

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