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Nov 9, 2006

Mbeya-Iringa Cluster Team

Written by Administrator

The Mbeya-Iringa Cluster Team

The Mbeya-Iringa Cluster Project is based in the town of Mbeya in southwestern Tanzania. The team there is made up of people from several different countries, including Austria, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Paraguay, Tanzania, the UK, and the US. Within the team, there are a variety of roles and responsibilities:


stephen_nStephen N.


Stephen is the Team Manager of the project.  He coordinates the various departments in the project and deals with administrative tasks.



Philemon is the Partnership Officer who deals with public relations and partnership with local churches. Working along side him are Simon B. and Solomon N. 


Philemon M.Philemon M.

Simon B. (Nyakyusa)Simon B.

Solomon N.Solomon N.


Operations Manager, Beatrice. Matrida works as a back translator for the Safwa team. Huruma  serves as the office cleaner. IT is handled by David and Finance by Harri. Steve serves as the Language Translation administrator.

Beatrice M.Beatrice M.

Matrida M.Matrida M.

hurumaHuruma M.

David R.David R.

harri_mHarri M.

steve_pSteve P.


The linguistics department is coordinated by Linguistics Consultant Helen.
Working alongside her are Hazel, Lauren, Jonathan and Lizzie.

Helen E.Helen E.
hazel_gHazel G.
lauren_mLauren M.
jonathan_wJonathan W.
lizzie_pLizzie P.


Brigitte serves as a literacy consultant. Also working in the literacy department are Alison, Karin, Albertine, Tabia, Frank, Heri, Juhudi and Baraka.

Gitti N.Brigitte N.

alison_ngallabaAlison N.

karin_pKarin Y.

albertinekAlbertine K.

tabia_lTabia L.

frank_mFrank M.

heri_mHeri M.

juhudi_k2Juhudi K.

baraka_mBaraka M.


The translation department is coordinated by Andrea. Alongside Andrea in the department are Ahimidiwe, Elizabeth, Nahumu, Ezekiel, Lukas, Juma, Andy, Yoram, Abedi, Albert, Zakayo, Saulo, Safari, Imani, Boniface, Kassim, Damas, Wilhelm, Jacob, Oscar, Stephen, Lawi, Amon, Jamili, Dan, Andrew, Edwin, Raphael, Joshua, and Job. 

Andrea F. (Safwa)Andrea F.
Ahimidiwe M.Ahimidiwe M.

			B. (Bena)Elizabeth B.
Nahumu M. (Vwanji)Nahumu M.

Ezekiel N. (Vwanji)Ezekiel N.

Lukas M. 
			(Malila)Lukas M.

Juma M. 
			(Malila)Juma M.

Andy H. (Sangu)Andy H.
Yoram S. 
			(Sangu)Yoram S.

Abed M. (Sangu)Abedi M.

Albert VAlbert V.

Zakayo S. (Kinga)Zakayo S.

Saulo L. (Kinga)Saulo L.

Safari M. (Ndali)Safari M.

imani_mImani M.

boniface_kBoniface M.
kassem_mKassim M.

damas_mDamas M.

wilhelm_mWilhelm M.
Jacob K. 
			(Nyiha)Jacob K.

oscar_kOscar K.
stephen_kStephen K.

Lawi M.(Safwa)Lawi M.

Amon M. (Safwa)Amon M.
Jamili W (Safwa)Jamili W.

dan_kDan K.

Andrew M. (Nyakyusa)Andrew M.

Edwin K. (Nyakyusa)Edwin K.

Raphael G. (Bena)Raphael G.

Joshua M (Bena)Joshua M.
job_wJob W.

Scripture Use

Katherine and Thomas work in the scripture use department. Jo serves as the Vernacular Media Specialist Coordinator for the whole branch of UTB and Chris works in VMS and Language survey. Scripture Use/Literacy Area Coordinators are John, Prisca, Casto and Pitrosi, and Aggrey and Riwa. There are also four assistants to the Scripture Use/Literacy Coordinators: David, Andrew, Amani and Majariwa.

katherineoKatherine O.
thomas_nThomas N.

Jo C.Jo C.
chris_mChris M.
John N. (Safwa)John N.

Prisca M. (Sangu)Prisca M.

Casto NCasto N.

Pitrosi K. (Ndali)Pitrosi K.
Aggrey Nz (Nyiha)Aggrey N.

Riwa S. (Kinga)Riwa S.
David M. (Nyakyusa)David M.

Andrew M. (Nyakyusa)Andrew M.
Amani M. (Safwa)Amani M.
Majariwa M. (Malila)Majariwa M.

Other MICP Team Members

Mary acts as the project's photographer and also does Member Care, helping support and encourage MCP missionaries. Marie and Jacomine serve as teachers for missionary kids.  Salome, Astrid, Wendy, Rachel, Stephanie and Rachel have roles outside the office.

marypMary P.

marie_cMarie C.

Jacomine VJacomine V.
salome_mSalome M.

astrid_hAstrid H.

wendi_richardsWendi R.
rachel_ktRachel K.

stephanie_wStephanie W.

rachel_kiRachel K.

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