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Mar 21, 2006

Mbeya-Iringa Teams Use Adapt It

Attendees Phonology workshop
Isn't there a computer program out there to help speed up the translation process? Maybe! The Mbeya-Iringa Cluster Project is trying out a program called Adapt It, which takes an existing translation of Scripture in a closely related language and a bilingual speaker, who knows the source text and receptor languages. Then using the Adapt It software the bilingual speaker translates a rough first draft of the text from the source language into his own language. The computer helps him out along the way by making suggestions of how to translate words and phrases that he had already translated before. In a pilot test, Adapt It was used to adapt a portion of the Chewa Bible (Malawi) into Nyakyusa, one of the Mbeya-Iringa Cluster languages. It was then used to adapt from Nyakyusa to Ndali, another of the cluster languages. From Nyakyusa it was also adapted into a Swahili back translation which was tested as front translation for Malila, yet another of the cluster languages. This back translation-front translation system could be used potentially for all Bantu languages in Tanzania and maybe even in other countries that use Swahili as a national/regional language. Last Updated Nov 19, 2009
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