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Dec 11, 2015

Reaching across the Border

Written by Steve P.

nyakmalawitrip022015 Copies of Mark, Luke and Epistles are now available
in Nyakyusa Language. (MCP - Tanzania)
"What I saw was very challenging" Bukuku explained. "Because the pastor is the one who learns, who knows the Bible. But maybe the interpreter is not familiar with the Bible.  So when he is interpreting, I'm not sure if they are getting the real meaning of the Bible." For several years, Simon Bukuku has been teaching his own Nyakyusa people to read their language using literacy materials and Scripture portions being translated by the Mbeya Cluster Project (MCP) of neighboring Tanzania. Now, Bukuku and others with MCP, are reaching across the border to Nyakyusa speaking communities and congregations of Malawi.  Recently eighteen Malawian pastors and church elders met for three days to learn to read, write and preach in Nyakyusa. "It was difficult for them. But they were very happy. They said ‘This is a real, real miracle to us' " In addition to basic literacy skills, the pastors learned how to train others. They eagerly bought many copies of Mark, Luke and the Epistles in Nyakyusa which they will distribute in their communities.  A local radio station broadcast a 25 minute interview with Bukuku in Nyakyusa. There is a great desire to be ready when the Nyakyusa New Testament is completed and to receive ongoing training from MCP. And they said "Remember that when you go back to your country, that you have a child who needs care."

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