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Sep 30, 2015

Scattering seeds among the Vwanji

Written by Nahuma M.

scatterseed Vwanji have a special word to describe
scattering seed. (Mbeya -Tanzania)

We showed them some portions that are very difficult to understand. The sower in Matthew 13 scatters seed which falls on different soil. "In our Vwanji tradition we use that kind of planting and in Swahili you cannot get that point or meaning clearly. In Swahili they say ‘to plant.' In our Vwanji language ‘to plant' means you dig and then you put seeds in. But to scatter is to throw. In Vwanji we have a special name for that kind of planting called 'kukesa'. In Swahili you will not get that meaning!" We picked some other portions in our Swahili Bible which we gave them to read. We asked them to tell us what the Bible tells us about this portion. And they say ‘Oh, it means...' And they go far away[from the meaning]! We told them many things that are very different in meaning. "When you read Swahili you can get the wrong meaning but in our Vwanji translation you can get the real meaning." Some pastors when they prepare for preaching or teaching have some commentaries or some dictionaries. But some pastors do not have these. So they [only] read through Swahili and [then] they preach. Many pastors said ‘Every time, we preach wrong!' But now they appreciate that this Vwanji translation can help them to get real meaning.

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