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Nov 11, 2010

Scriptures of great value

Written by Flavian M

malila_booksale Scriptures, Literacy books along with audio recordings being
sold during the Malila Gospel of Mark dedication in Ilembo.

The dedication celebration for the gospel of Mark in Malila, one of the languages in the Mbeya-Iringa Cluster Project, south-west Tanzania, took place in the town of Ilembo on Friday, 27th August. The church where the celebration took place was near the market - Friday is market day in that town. We had stalls to sell various Scriptures and literacy books along with recordings on cassettes and CD's, one outside the church and the other in the market. At first sales were very slow but gradually things picked up. Women who had been selling maandazi (doughnuts), bananas, potatoes and other small things came to the stall to spend some of the money they had taken at their own stalls.  It was an encouragement to see people who had been unable to afford to buy any of our products earlier in the day use some of their small profits to buy some books of Scripture as if they recognized that these are of great value.
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