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Nov 30, 2011

The Language of my Father & Mother!

Written by Karin Y.

She had never heard about it and was very excited at this news.  As we had a few copies of story books and the Gospel of Mark in Ndali with us, we showed them to her.  She took the books and started reading straight away.

Hearing herself reading her language helped to increase her excitement.  She said, "This is the language of my father and mother!"  It is difficult to describe her excitement with words, but watching her and listening to her made me so happy and really touched my heart!  The lady was very eager to buy a book.  As she didn't have any money with her, she went to borrow some.  After all, how could she miss this unique opportunity!?  So she left happily with her treasure, a Gospel of Mark in Ndali.

Printed page example of The Good News of Jesus as written by Mark in Ndali Language. 

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