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May 6, 2014

Truly God is in every Language - God is Love.

Written by Abedy M.

sanguchn Students are keen to learn about pronunciation
(tone)and its use in translated words.
During a community testing visit in the Sangu area, we met a total of 112 people.  We were encouraged when we met with secondary school students in Imalilo - Songwe.  These pupils asked a question about the Sangu language, that is, "How do we know the differences between words that are written the same but pronounced differently? These students only know how to write things with the Swahili alphabet which does not need tone marks. In Sangu the same words can be written and they give a different meaning according to the pronunciation (tone).  How will a reader understand the meaning which the author intends?  For example: Wayinsa (you have come); wáyinsa (he has come). When we explained the tone and its use in these words, they were surprised to see how it can be written and they were very happy.  This increased their eagerness to be proud of their language and to see that they also have a language which can be written and understood like others, a new concept to them.  After that we distributed some leaflets and copies of the book of Ruth.  These students are eager that people should be taught to read and to write their language of Sangu. Some of them said, "Truly every issue reaches its time."  It was never expected that one day there would be books which have been written in Sangu, the same as for other languages.  "We thank this organisation which saw it as important to have Scripture in the mother tongue, especially for us Sangu.  God has enabled this organisation to continue to work even for other languages.  Truly God is in every language and even for the Sangu - God is love".

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