Nov 18, 2015

We know in part

Written by Steve P.

uganda_t-shirt Translators in 3 Mbeya languages were encouraged to
see the value of each others contribution as they also
seek to provide Scripture in their Mother tongue.

Enoch told his Tanzanian colleagues "Even Paul with all his great revelations did not know everything. Paul knew in part. And when we come to Bible translation, we must remember that we know in part. Maybe we have been to the Bible College. Maybe we have studied so many languages. We think we know the principles of translation very well. When I come as a consultant, I must not say ‘This is here, this is there. It should be like this.'"

"But no, it is not so. We know in part. Even Boniface the new Ndali translator this was his very first time to be in a consultation session. He made important contributions. The rest of us could not say ‘No, we know everything.'"

"We know in part. When everyone makes his contribution then we get the whole. It is not the size of the contribution. The important thing is that each person makes the contribution God has given him to make, even if it is a small contribution. Because without that small contribution we will not get the whole."

Then Enoch showed everyone the shirt he was wearing - a nice turquoise blue shirt with the SIL Logo on the front. He turned around and on the back were the names of four Ugandan languages whose New Testaments are about to be published.

We all clapped.

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