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Aug 8, 2008

What do you mean, Bible Study?

Written by Katherine O.
Bible study workshop Mbeya Participants at the Bena Bible study
workshop. (Mara Cluster - Tanzania)

For two days at the beginning of June, pastors from four different denominations met together at a Bible study workshop in Njombe to learn how to prepare and lead Bible Studies. While the attendance was lower than expected, they participated well and were keen to meet again in the future. One pastor commented enthusiastically on how he would be able to go back to his region and teach the different leaders in his church what he had learned. Another said that as pastors they have the opportunity to teach other pastors within their denomination the things they had been learning.

It is our prayer that these will not be words only, but will be turned into action that many people might discover the joy of getting into God's Word for themselves and applying it to their lives.

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