Mbugwe people pic Mbugwe village scene. (north-central Tanzania)

The Mbugwe people live in north-central Tanzania, in the area south of Lake Manyara.

The area borders Tarangire national park and the Sangaiwe hills on the East and the rift valley wall to the west, with a main road running through the middle of the language area from north to south.

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  1. About the Mbugwe people - General information about the Mbugwe people.
  2. Mbugwe Language Project - Meet the translation team.



Feb 21, 2018

Mother tongue touches hearts at funeral

Written by Emmanuel S.

One of the Mbugwe translators attended a funeral in the community, and was asked to pray. Although religious activities are usually only done in Swahili, he prayed in their local language. After the ceremony he was approached three times by others who had listened...

Jan 4, 2017

First Scriptures: God Speaks Mbugwe!

Written by SIL Tanzania Communications

On a cool morning in central Tanzania, the large crowd formed a parade, dancing and singing. A few among them carried a large box. When it was opened, the crowd surged forward. They were hungry to claim what arrived in that box: the books of Jonah and Ruth, the first scriptures to be translated into Mbugwe. “Please be patient,” leaders asked. “First, we have more celebrating to do!”

Jun 20, 2016

Young translation project gains momentum!

Written by SIL Tanzania Communications

Constantine and Emmanuel, Mbugwe translators, were left without a translation advisor when staff had to leave Dodoma. Recent help brings their vision to publish books nearer to reality...

Jan 13, 2015

Mbugwe Scripture heard for the first time

Written by Dan J.

In September 2014, after nearly a year and a half of drafting, revising, and checking, the translated drafts of Mbugwe Jonah and Ruth were ready for comprehension testing in the community.

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