Nyole fieldNyole men planting rice. (Uganda)
The Nyole (Banyole) people live in southeast Uganda in an area of green, rolling grassland, surrounded and divided by papyrus-lined swamps. Most of them live in poverty and are farmers by trade.

Although a majority of the Banyole would call themselves Christian, their understanding of biblical truth is very limited, and they have not learned to trust God fully. The result is that they often turn to the local shaman and witchdoctors to solve their problems of hunger, poverty and sickness. This will all hopefully change as Bible translation progresses and literacy work increases.

Visit the following pages for more information:

  1. About the Nyole - General information about the Nyole people.
  2. Nyole Language Project - Meet the Nyole translation team.
  3. Pray - Support the Nyole people through prayer.
  4. Uganda - General Country information.


Nyole translation progress

The Nyole translation project has finished translating 100% of the New Testament.

Nyole online Dictionary now available


In August 2012, the Lunyole dictionary became available online. The online dictionary comes complete with alphabetic and semantic meaning based search facilities. The dictionary allows downloading of PDF versions of the print dictionary and offline installers to enable stand alone dictionary use.

Link to Nyole Dictionary

Thank you for praying for the ongoing work of the translation teams in Uganda.

Feb 23, 2018

Nyole Scriptures read in church service

Written by Gesa A.

At a prayer meeting in a church in the Nyole community, a visiting preacher asked for a reading from Scripture. He preferred the national language, but someone shouted, "We have the Nyole Bible!"

Feb 17, 2017

"We Have Been Doing the Book Together."

Written by SIL Tanzania Communications

“Come and see what God has done for us!” the man shouted, as hundreds of people paraded through town behind a marching band and several church choirs. Over a century since they first heard about Jesus, the Nyole community of Uganda finally have the New Testament in their own language. Their celebration grew so large, even some who had decided to stay away could not resist...

Apr 14, 2009

True Independence Day

Written by Peter M.

There is a hunger growing among the churches in Uganda for God's Word in the mother tongue. But it's coming first from what might be considered unexpected quarters: local pastors. But who better to begin this important work than in those in a position to pass it on to others?

Nov 16, 2006

Our Kind of Music

Written by Administrator
Music and dance are as important to the Nyole people as British football is to the British or as American football is to Americans! However, they have never been free to create songs that reflect their belief in God.When the Nyole create worship songs in their own music style a startling revelation is made. Read more...
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