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Nov 15, 2005

Nyole Language Project

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Lunyole translation teamPictured here are the Nyole translators holding
Mariko, the Gospel of Mark in Lunyole. (Uganda)
Translation Work Begins in the Nyole Language

The Lunyole Bible Translation Committee, a locally driven organization with representatives from all church denominations in the area, was formed several years ago. In their vision to have the Word of God in their own language they identified three qualified individuals for the Bible translation task. These three formed the initial translation team:

  • Rev. Enoch W. (has a Master of Arts in Translation Studies)
  • Pastor Aristarchus G (has a BA in Theology, currently studying for a Mastor of Arts in Translation Studies).
  • Mrs. Gertrude N. (has a BA in English Literature).

Full-time translation work began in 2005, the goal of the project being to translate the New Testament in eight years while simultaneously promoting the use of the translated Scriptures among the churches in the Nyole area. The first New Testament book, the Gospel of Mark, was dedicated in August 2006.


dictionary_workshop.jpg Dictionary workshops my not seem very exciting,
but every language needs one. (Nyole, Uganda)

Over the years the team has changed. Enoch W. is now serving as a Translation Consultant, helping to ensure that translation teams produce accurate, natural and communicative translations of Scripture. Aristarchus G now leads the translation team and works with co-translators Mathias M. and Judith M. The team have now completed translation of the entire New Testament. Publishing will follow pre-publication checks and reviews.

Literacy Work

Peter M, and Aggrey G. make up the Lunyole literacy and Scripture engagement team. The team has conducted numerous literacy courses and writers workshops to train literacy teachers who will in turn teach both adults and children to read Lunyole. They have also produced a number of local language publications including: basic literacy and transition literacy primers; a Lunyole orthography guide; easy reading books for inclusion in a Mother Tongue Education program; a number of Bible story books; and Bible Study Guides for the Book of Mark.

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