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Feb 23, 2018

Nyole Scriptures read in church service

Written by Gesa A.

Visiting preacher surprised by request at prayer meeting

- Kangalaba, Uganda

A local church in the Nyole language community recently held an overnight prayer meeting. A preacher visiting from a nearby town asked that someone read a Scripture passage...


nyolereadersmllA Nyole man reads from the New Testament in his
language, at the January 2017 launch celebration.
(photo: Joan Logose, courtesy Bible Society of Uganda)
The Nyole New Testament was launched almost one year ago. The preacher's own preference was to read Scripture in Ganda (the national language), but someone shouted, "We have the Nyole Bible!" He continued to preach in Ganda and English, but the people were happy that he allowed the Bible readings to be given in Nyole.

"There is still need," said Gesa Aristarchus (Senior Translator), "for the local Church to engage with the Nyole translation project." The team now regularly meets with church leaders, to help them encourage their congregations to use the Nyole New Testament.

"We also need them to support the ongoing Old Testament translation work," Aristarchus added, "through prayers and giving financially. These are signs of local ownership, which we look forward to see."

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