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Apr 14, 2009

True Independence Day

Written by Peter M.
nyole_ptrs_training09 52 participants attended the Nyole pastor's training

We recently held a Nyole Pastor's training in Bible study leadership in Busaba, Uganda. We invited and prepared for 35 participants, but 52 showed up! Every one of the pastors who came wanted to learn both the Bible study leadership skills and tobe transitioned to fluently read Nyole. Thanks be to God most high for this success.

The pastors realized the need to fight sin as the common "enemy" rather than focusing on inter-denominational issues, which often cause misunderstanding among Christians. For the first time in the history of Busaba sub-county, the Christians of different denominations sat together and learned and shared the Word of God together in unity and love.

The pastors all thanked God for the churches in the United Kingdom (sponsors) that made this pastor's training possible. They prayed that the donors would have God's grace upon them.

Many of the pastors who were nominally committed to Christ there and then confessed Christ as Lord and vowed to follow His ways.

Uganda's Independence Day fell during the same week as the training workshop. Many of the pastors declared that to them celebrating the holiday was of no use because although they had political independence, they did not have language independence. They've been forced to use foreign languages to receive significant messages, including the most important one: God's Word! That is, until now. Because of this they agreed to celebrate Uganda's Independence Day while at the workshop instead of taking the day off.

We on the literacy team have had many happy moments as we witnessed God's hand at work as we daily saw a good number of people turning to Jesus as their personal Savior and causing changes for the better in the lives of the Nyole people. -Peter M., Nyole Literacy and Scripture Use Coordinator

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