Making ChapatisChapatis are standard fare in Tanzania.
(Rangi, Tanzania)
There are four dialects of the Rangi language. Earlier this year a survey was taken in many Rangi villages to determine which dialect the translation of the Bible should be done in. The Rangi people are close neighbors with the Burunge, Sandawe, Gogo and Masai. Some villages have all five language groups in them.

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  1. About the Rangi - General information about the Rangi people.
  2. Rangi Language Project - Language work is gaining ground!
  3. Pray - Support the Rangi people through prayer.
  4. History - Read where the Rangi originate from.
  5. Tanzania Info - Country information.

"I've heard John 15:5 many times, in Swahili and English," said Paulo Kijuu, a Rangi translator. "But the expression of 'abiding in Jesus' is not clear to Rangi speakers." The team began to search for a way to make the meaning clear. "When we found it," said Kijuu, "my eyes got teary because I could picture my own relationship with Jesus. I could feel his love..."


Paulo Kijuu, a Rangi speaker and translator, is passionate about sharing the gospel with his people. He recently rode his motorcycle to a village to show the JESUS film. With over 200 Rangi people gathered to see it, the projector’s battery died. Kijuu thought of a solution, but it meant he risked stranding himself in a remote area. He sent a text back to the team, asking, “Please pray…”

Jan 16, 2013

Times are Changing.

Written by Paul K.

facebook-iconLast year, the Rangi translators decided to create a group on Facebook called,"We speak Rangi." Rangi people live all over Tanzania, many of them in cities like Dar es Salaam, Dodoma, and Arusha; many have access to the internet.

May 24, 2011

Roadside Customers

Written by Margaret B.

We travelled all the way to Haubi, a large Rangi village, and worked hard for several days.  Tasks included community checking of translated Scripture, meeting with new basic literacy workers, strengthening relationships with church and village leaders and formally speaking in a church there.

May 31, 2010

Speaking the Word

Written by Melissa H.

The Rangi team recently had the opportunity to make audio recordings of the books of Jonah, Ruth, and portions of Mark. Many people in villages have battery-powered cassette players, so these recordings have the potential to reach a larger number of people at one time than the written books of the Bible. They will reach people who cannot see well enough to read, those who are older and find learning to read difficult, as well as very young children.

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