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Sep 19, 2007

Not enough to go around


Everyone who attended the funeral wanted him to read all three chapters aloud to them. So he spent several hours going from group to group, reading all three chapters to each and every group. Every single person who heard the Rangi word read to them wanted Kijuu's only copy to take home with them. Eventually they agreed that each person should have one sheet from the three chapters to take back to the village.

There are now several Rangi villages that have just a few verses from Mark's gospel in their own language, and it is the first time they have seen and read verses from the Bible in their language.

Kijuu (at right with the Rangi translation team) says they were so excited and so delighted to hear God's Word in Rangi. One friend even recorded Kijuu reading a verse on his mobile phone. Now everyone who rings him will hear that verse. Even a teacher from a village mosque has encouraged Kijuu in this work.

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