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Nov 29, 2005

Telling Stories

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Writing StoriesWriting stories for the first time. (Rangi, Tanzania)
Rangi speakers have now attended a workshop in which people learn to craft stories to tell others. Storytelling is an art which not all are able to do well. In this week-long workshop, the attendees learned stories from the Bible by memory in order to transmit this information orally to other people. They learned about 12 stories in all. This story set they have learned encompasses from before the creation of the world to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In Tanzania, this is how most information is transmitted to other people. Most people do not read and don’t have a television to watch. But their culture is rich in using stories to pass down importatant information, genealogies, cultural history and practices. We realize that not everyone will be able to learn to read and write, but everyone likes a good story!

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