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Nov 16, 2005

The Sandawe People

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sandawemap.jpgLocation within country: Dodoma Region, Chemba District, between the Bubu and Mponde rivers.

Geography and Climate: Hilly bushland, very dry. The days are hot (about 35°C) and the nights pleasantly cool.

Altitude: 1300m

Population: Approximately 30,000

Cultural Information: Originally hunter-gatherers. Now mostly subsistence farmers, some have cattle.

Diet: Ugali (millet or corn mash),  leafy vegetables and beans, occasionally goat meat, chicken, or beef.

Average Income: Unless someone has a job as a teacher, or government worker, or shop owner, they have no income.

Alternate language names: Sandaweegki, Kisandawe.

Literacy Information: Most of school-aged children attend local schools that are taught in

Sandawe houseTypical Sandawe home, made of sticks
and mud. (Sandawe, Tanzania)
Swahili. About 30% go on to secondary school. Adult literacy rate is approximately 80%.

Religion: Roman Catholic, Traditional religion, Islam, and (some) evangelical Christian.

History: Some scholars believe that the Sandawe people are indigenous to their current region, rather than being relatively recent migrants from the south. It is thought that the Sandawe are a remnant of the San people that once covered the whole of eastern and southern Africa. The Hadza, another people group found in Tanzania with a click language, are also believed to be a part of that remnant.

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