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In Tanzania Wycliffe is presently working in 26 languages across the country. The personnel working in these programs are sharing their expertise and experience with local citizens. They are fluent in Swahili and are involved in training more Tanzanians for the task of Bible Translation.

Among the languages in which we are working, there is a language cluster project in the Mbeya-Iringa Regions and one in infancy in the Mara Region. Within a cluster project local citizens will need to be trained and coached in all aspects of a language program in order to involve and serve several languages simultaneously. Learn more in our Bantu language cluster section.

Explore the exciting work that is going on in our language projects:

  1. Temi

To learn more about the languages of Tanzania check out the People and Languages section. To learn more about the languages of Tanzania visit the Ethnologue.

Mar 18, 2020

The best weapon of all is God's Word

Written by Steve Pence

Tanzania's Vwanji people welcome their New Testament! Before he was a Bishop, leading the celebration of this day, Nguvila worked for years as one of the translators. Today, he is surrounded by his former colleagues, fellow church and community leaders, hundreds of Vwanji people, and the Scriptures for which they have gathered to praise God...

Sep 26, 2019

Encore workshops for youth literacy

Written by SIL Tanzania Communications

Hundreds of Burunge and Rangi children, and even some of their parents, are learning to read their own language. Just months since SIL partnered with Compassion International to offer youth literacy workshops in those communities, four church-based programmes were once again filled with students eager to gain new language skills...

Sep 17, 2019

Translated Scripture inspires new songs

Written by SIL Tanzania Communications

"We use our Scriptures for funerals and some church meetings," says a Safwa Literacy worker. "But we want to do more." The team recently held their second three-day songwriting workshop, with Bible studies and composition lessons, even recording sessions. This time, the songs were inspired by the book of Acts...

Sep 16, 2019

Children help test translated Scripture

Written by SIL Tanzania Communications

curious children-musoma
Translators recently took their draft of Mark's Gospel into six Jita villages. As they tested the Scripture with groups of volunteers, passing children grew curious. "It's not the first time," said Magesa, a Jita translator. "They were surprised to hear us reading in their language, so they came closer and sat down..."

Jul 22, 2019

"We know the work is hard - but keep going!"

Written by SIL Tanzania Communications

A busy season in several Mara Region communities has translation teams feeling freshly inspired to their work. In a Kwaya village, reviewers reported how many are enjoying reading and listening to Scriptures the team has completed. On a visit to check Matthew and Romans with the community, the Jita team kept hearing, "We know the work is hard-but keep going!" While checking eight new Ikoma Scripture portions, reviewers helped the team choose the best word for shepherd...

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