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Dec 5, 2005

About the Temi

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Temi MapLocation within country: Arusha Region, Ngorongoro District, north central near the Kenya border, Maasai area, 2 hours by car from the Wasso-Loliondo area on unimproved roads. 7 villages: Sale (Eroghata), Mdito, Samunge (Soyeta), Digodigo (Ebwe), Kisangiro (Raghari), Mugholo (Gheeri), Oldonyo Sambu (Kura)

Geography and Climate: Scrub forest, semitropical

Altitude: 2000m

Population: 30,000

Cultural Information: Subsistence type: agriculturalists using irrigation, pastoralists

Economic Status: $500-700 per year.

Alternate language names: Gitemi, Sonjo, Kisonjo

Language Group Information: Bantu language. The Temi live in one valley with seven villages surrounded by the Nilotic Maasai.

Religion: Traditional religion, Christian, nominal Muslim presence. The Temi are somewhat resistant to religious change.

History: The traditional Temi religious practices are multi-faceted, including the preservation of sacred water springs, worship at the ghorowane temple, secret rituals, and a collection of origin myths. Christianity was introduced in Butemine in 1947 through Lutheran evangelists.The Roman Catholic church was established in the 1970s. In 1984 the Pentecostal church came to the area. At present there are seven denominations who have started churches in the two largest villages Digodigo and Samunge. In the outlying areas, however, there is still considerable opposition to these young congregations.
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