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In Uganda, Wycliffe members are serving six languages, with two more to be added soon. These languages comprise more than 1.3 million speakers. The Bible Society of Uganda is serving six languages as well. What a potential there is for changed lives! The personnel involved in these projects are qualified nationals who are full of vision as to what can happen when the Bible is translated into their languages. They are using state of the art technology and are being equipped to do quality work as they are assisted by the linguistic, translation and literacy expertise of Wycliffe members.

Discover the fascinating things that are happening in our language projects in Uganda:

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To learn more about the languages of Uganda itself check out the People and Languages section. To learn more about the languages of Uganda visit the Ethnologue.

Mar 15, 2017

"We no longer fear to identify ourselves..."

Written by Musisi Vicent Salongo

image: Ruuli-Nyala Community Check

“Today, Ruuli people openly love their language and culture,” said the Ruuli king’s special adviser. “But if not for this Scripture translation project, our language might be extinct. When I was in school, we were forbidden to speak our mother tongue.” Failure, he recalls, meant a particular form of embarrassing punishment...

Mar 15, 2017

Guests amazed by Godís provision at rare wedding

Written by Barnabas Delu

“Our son recently married his beloved,” said the translator, “which is rare in this community. That itself was a great gift for our family. After paying the bride price, our resources were exhausted — but over 1,000 guests came! We know that we serve the same God who provided for the people of Israel. Now, we have seen his hand…”

Feb 17, 2017

"We Have Been Doing the Book Together."

Written by Kenny G

“Come and see what God has done for us!” the man shouted, as hundreds of people paraded through town behind a marching band and several church choirs. Over a century since they first heard about Jesus, the Nyole community of Uganda finally have the New Testament in their own language. Their celebration grew so large, even some who had decided to stay away could not resist...

Oct 5, 2016

Victory for the Bwisi people's journey...

Written by Kenny G

The Bwisi people of Uganda have now dedicated the first complete New Testament ever written in their language. Praise God! The printed Scriptures arrived in a symbolic, meaningful way — but they did not stay in boxes very long...

Sep 22, 2016

Years of advocacy bear great fruit for literacy!

Written by Kenny G

As Uganda prepared to observe International Mother Language Day, government officials invited our team to help plan and participate in two days of activities at the National Theatre in Kampala. "God, through his grace," one team member said, "has guided us over the years to this moment..."

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