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In Uganda, Wycliffe members are serving six languages, with two more to be added soon. These languages comprise more than 1.3 million speakers. The Bible Society of Uganda is serving six languages as well. What a potential there is for changed lives! The personnel involved in these projects are qualified nationals who are full of vision as to what can happen when the Bible is translated into their languages. They are using state of the art technology and are being equipped to do quality work as they are assisted by the linguistic, translation and literacy expertise of Wycliffe members.

Discover the fascinating things that are happening in our language projects in Uganda:

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To learn more about the languages of Uganda itself check out the People and Languages section. To learn more about the languages of Uganda visit the Ethnologue.

Sep 30, 2019

"This is how we become salt and light"

Written by SIL Tanzania Communications

“What if we get in trouble with God?” a translator asked. The Aringa team was testing their draft translation of the books of Joshua and Jonah in the community. While a local head teacher in one group shared her conviction that Bible study in their own language was key to growing strong in faith, at another home a man with a troubled past spoke up to answer the translator’s question...

Mar 19, 2019

Life impact felt even in early translation drafts

Written by SIL Tanzania Communications

Translators in the Thur language community have been drafting the Scripture portion of 1 Corinthians. When they took it into the community to check their work, one chapter-one word in particular-touched off a heartfelt conversation about marriage and divorce. One reviewer explained why she wanted to take it home with her...

Feb 23, 2018

Nyole Scriptures read in church service

Written by Gesa A.

At a prayer meeting in a church in the Nyole community, a visiting preacher asked for a reading from Scripture. He preferred the national language, but someone shouted, "We have the Nyole Bible!"

Feb 5, 2018

Gwere New Testament launched in Uganda

Written by Kathryn A.

"Budaka is on fire!" is how one man described the town's excitement the day before 20,000 people gathered to celebrate God's Word coming to the Gwere people. The festive event included singing choirs, a marching band, Scripture readings, and even the JESUS film, translated into Gwere. The guest of honour, Uganda's President Museveni, had several duties that day...

Jan 11, 2018

"I am not going to church without a Gungu Bible!"

Written by Kathryn A.

Thousands of the Gungu community flocked to celebrate the launch of the New Testament in their language. So great was their desire that available copies quickly sold out. After an urgent phone call, another truckload arrived the next morning. A guard, who could not read but had heard about the new Scriptures, asked a man to read to him from the book of Matthew...

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