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Oct 4, 2012

4 Ugandan language Dictionaries now available online

Written by Martin D.


The dictionaries have been a work in progress for many years with word collection first beginning as early as 1991, however much of the data for the dictionaries was collected through SIL's Rapid Word Collection method. This data was then edited and streamlined to produce the print dictionaries and now the online versions.
These web versions are also significant due to the fact that they employ a new publishing method, which provides a relatively easy way for dictionary data to be published online.  Each dictionary is built around a search bar, which looks for a word throughout the dictionary, and returns the most relevant results to the top of the list.
The dictionaries also integrate a browse function provided by Lexique Pro and allow downloading of PDF versions of the print dictionaries and offline installers to enable standalone dictionary use.
A mechanism is also provided for members of the language communities to make comments or provide suggestions for improvements to the dictionaries.

webonary_mobile Access is also available on mobile phoneAlthough online dictionaries may not seem particularly relevant in the African context, it is not that much more effort to extend a print edition to an online edition and with the penetration of smart phones even into Africa, people in Uganda will in the not too distant future be accessing these web sites from their phones.

To visit the Dictionary web pages go to Uganda Projects on the Menu bar and click on the language buttons for Bwisi, Gungu, Gwere and Nyole. 
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