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Mar 14, 2016

God's Word always comforts my heart.

Written by Kenny G

image: Bwisi Bible Study This group gathered for a Bible study using the book of
Acts, freshly translated into Bwisi.

A group of Bwisi community church leaders attended a recent workshop on basic Bible teaching using their mother tongue Scriptures. Mr. Tumwine Vaale, from a local Anglican church, said, "I am very much encouraged in this training workshop. God's Word does important things in my life. It comforts my heart whenever I am troubled. It gives me strength and light and power. It is better than becoming richer in this world."


He went on to say, "It [Scripture] surprises me because of its reality on the ground. This challenged my intellect, and the most touching verses for me during these days were Psalm 119:99-100. Older men come seeking advice from me, and I ask myself, 'why? I am supposed to consult them!' Now this workshop has helped me understand why they come to me. It has become a real testimony."

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