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Jun 20, 2016

Literacy grows one letter at a time...

Written by Kenny G

image: Gungu youth with teacher in local classroomGungu language community students learn to use
their improved mother-tongue writing system.

As any language changes over time, new and old systems may often conflict. In the Gungu language community of Uganda, many students have learned a writing system which uses five vowels--yet a newer system (with seven vowels) has been found to improve learning and understanding.

A literacy team recently traveled to Kigorobya and Buliisa to teach 56 youth during a workshop using the new system. "These youth are now able to spot correct Lugungu vowels easily," said one of the trainers.

Though the workshop was held for young Gungu school students, other attendees were adults who are also learning to read and write their mother tongue. One of these "transitional literacy" participants was a local pastor called Asaba.

"I have been involved in many Lugungu trainings," said Pastor Asaba. "But it is today that my questions, about the way Lugungu is written, they have been answered."


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