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Nov 25, 2006

Super Spell Checker

Paratext sessionParatext How-To Course taught by Martin D.
Seated L-R: Sam M (Gwere), Waller T (consultant),
Martin D, Charles M and Hannington B.(Bwisi ) (Uganda)

Errors are displayed through Martins' use of a type of computer programming language called Regular Expressions. For example, the cryptic expression: \S*(\w*(aa|ee|ii|ii|ii|ii|oo|uu|uu|uu|uu)[nmŋ] [bcdfghjklprstvz]\w*)\S* finds words where two vowels have been typed where there should only be one. For example, it finds errors like niintunga or yaabuteembirimu which should have been spelled nintunga and yaabutembirimu.

Martin has also been running courses to teach people how to use the computer to weed out errors in their translations. This has been satisfying work for him because the computer can really help with spelling and consistency checking. As you can imagine, some of these workers have never used a computer before and so they have much to learn. Others are more computer-literate, but still need help with tricky problems. The translations are still proofread manually but the computer is a wonderful tool to help ensure the accuracy of God's Word.

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