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Sep 19, 2005

Support Work

ScottWithout administrators Bible translation
just couldn't happen. (Uganda)
There are myriad jobs needed which support the work of language development and Bible translation. Just like a successful play is dependent on those working behind the scenes, people who work in support roles are essential to our work. Some of these jobs include:

  • Operations managers or administrators who help ensure project and administration offices run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Information Technology - multi-skilled computer specialists do any number of computer related tasks such as managing networks, updating the server, fixing hardware problems, and helping others with their computer problems.
  • Finance work including accounting, billing, project funding and more.
  • Human Resource managers who take care of a range of tasks to support a multi-national, multi-cultural workforce working together in Bible translation and language development
  • Teaching in a school for children of international staff, whether in elementary, middle-school or high school.
  • Typesetting Scripture, literacy materials, designing brochures and other jobs related to getting our work published in quality form.
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