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Mission & Values

Our goal is for language communities in Uganda and Tanzania to have access to adequate Scripture and related materials in the language that serves them well. Motivated members of those communities will then be able to use those materials and sustain their own language development. Language communities without Scripture are given special concern.

Core Values

Transforming Word of God - We believe God works powerfully through His Word to change lives for the better in this life and for eternity.

Language of the heart - We believe God values people from all languages and cultures and we affirm the effectiveness of their languages for communication and access to knowledge.

Scholarly and professional approach - We believe scholarship and professional standards are crucial to our work in relating to the languages and cultures of the world.

Strategic partnership - We believe that working together honors God, and so we seek to cooperate with others to achieve common goals.

Service to all - We believe we should serve others without discrimination.

Building vision and capacity - We believe that building vision and capacity is central in promoting sustainable language development and Bible translation programs.

Trusting God for the impossible - We believe God is able to accomplish results that are humanly impossible, and we depend on Him to do so.

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