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Who We Are

Zinza translation session. (Tanzania)

We are partners in Bible translation and language development in Uganda and Tanzania. We are motivated by the belief that all people are created in the image of God, and that languages and cultures are part of the richness of God's creation. We are committed to serve the language communities and churches in Uganda and Tanzania as they engage in the development of their own languages and translation of the Bible into those languages. 

Our teams in Uganda and Tanzania assist indigenous communities in a variety of linguistic-related tasks such as:

  • analyzing sound patterns (phonology) and grammar
  • developing a writing system (orthography)
  • developing primers and training literacy teachers
  • developing a library of local language literature as well as audio, visual and digital local language materials

These in turn pave the way for Bible translation, which takes many years to complete and involves a team of local and expatriate staff, who combine their knowledge and expertise in the local language with technical skills and expertise in a number of specialist domains such as Biblical exegesis and translation principles.

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