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Feb 27, 2006

The Way of Salvation

Written by Tom M
DCP_3079.jpgThe Word of God brings light to the soul.
(Zinza, Tanzania)

First Scripture in Zinza

Praise the Lord for the recent publication of 5000 copies of the Scripture tract Omuhanda Gúmo Gwönka Gwo Kuchünguka, literally “The One and Only Path of Salvation”.

This Scripture tract is the first major Scripture publication in Echizinza, the language of the Zinza people of northwestern Tanzania; it is a diglot publication, including Swahili, the national language.

The tract is purely Scripture, a 70 page booklet of excerpts from God’s Word, teaching 22 foundational truths for Christian salvation from the creation of the world to the return of Christ. Scripture Gift Mission, its producer, has worked in many languages worldwide preparing Scripture tracts for the broadest possible audiences. The tract’s Old Testament emphasis, in particular from Genesis, appeals strongly to the Zinza people because of similarities to their agrarian and pastoralist lifestyles.

Distribution and Use

The distribution and use of the tract is benefiting from the participation of at least 15 Christian denominations working in a broad geographic region from Bukoba to Mwanza in northwestern Tanzania. Four people groups with closely related dialects are being targeted: the Zinza, Subi, Longo and Kura, comprising more than 250,000 people.

The initial goal is to provide a copy of the tract to every Pastor, Evangelist, Padre and Catechist with access to these people groups, with current estimates exceeding 1200 church leaders. Each will receive a letter of introduction summarizing the goals and uses of the tract.

We pray that they will be personally blessed by the tract and will participate in showing God’s way of salvation to Zinza, Subi, Longo and Kura peoples local to them. Further distribution of the tract will proceed through these church contacts, 12 regional Zinza committees, bookshops, etc. Looking ahead, these networks should provide an effective means for distribution of other Scripture publications.

The tract is well suited for:

  • churches
  • home environments
  • supporting evangelism
  • prayer
  • worship
  • sermons
  • Bible study
  • single or multi-ethnic settings (as the tract is printed side by side in Zinza and Swahili)

Given the strength of Swahili as the national language of Tanzania, most Zinza will benefit from reading God’s Word in two languages. But it is the Echizinza title Omuhanda Gúmo Gwönka Gwo Kuchünguka, that will motivate the Zinza, Subi, Longo and Kura peoples to pick up the tract and to examine God’s Word in detail, many of them for the very first time. Pray with us for the work of the Holy Spirit to soften their hearts and draw them to Jesus Christ.

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