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Zinza Language Project

imgp2056.jpgTim, Chris and their family. (Zinza, Tanzania)

Presently Tim and Chris and their family are working with the Zinza. They live in a small town on the shores of Lake Victoria.


Language and translation work has been very challenging. However, encouraging progress has been made with the recent completion of the book of Genesis. The next book to be translated will be the Gospel of Luke.

Recently two Zinza men have joined full time in the task of translating God's work into the language of their people. It's as if two missionaries, already fluent in the Zinza language and fully adjusted to the culture, have just arrived at the scene to help Tim and Chris with this task. Pray that the Lord will bless Lukafuba and Barthazari in their efforts!


Minimal staff has made literacy efforts quite difficult. However with the production of annual calendars, story books and cultural booklets in recent years this is slowly changing.

Find out more about missionary work among the Zinza by checking out their History.

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